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About Us

PPI Refund Claim is a trading name of Lower Cost Complaints Ltd, a claims management company set up in 2004 to deal with a wide range of financial compensation claims.

PPI Refund Claim specialises in only PPI claims and only advertises on the internet, so we can offer a low fee of 17.5% + VAT, which is only payable if we win you compensation.

When pursuing claims against financial companies many people experience an unsympathetic and awkward response from the company claimed against.

This can create problems and hassle for you if you claim direct. However, we are used to this so we know how to deal with these companies to save you time and stress.

Our experience has taught us so much, which gives us the ability to provide you with the very best service:

  • How best to make a PPI claim
  • What issues give rise to the higher PPI refunds
  • How to create persuasive arguments to help improve your chance that the firm will agree to pay a refund.
  • What the PPI claims process should involve (i.e. we will ensure you are not given the run around by the firm)
  • When a PPI claim has a good chance of success and when it does not
  • The way different firms operate (some will automatically reject your initial claim, then make a low offer if challenged – some people will accept the first ruling, others will accept low offers, but we accept nothing more than a fair offer and we’ll fight for this on your behalf)
  • To recognise when a company is being deliberately difficult, or when they are automatically rejecting claims.
  • To know what is a mis-sale and what is not
  • The Financial Ombudsman’s way of doing things and how to deal with them
  • The Financial Services Authority’s rules and how to deal with them
  • The Financial Services Compensation Scheme’s rules and how to deal with them.
  • We handle all the administration of a PPI claim (relieving you of hassle and saving you considerable amounts of time)
  • We know the reasons behind some of the questions asked during the claims process (whether in your favour, or not).
  • We can calculate fair offers of compensation and we know when an offer is too low

All of this is available to you on a No-Win-No-Fee basis, with only a low fee payable if successful.

If you don’t use us, we want to know why, because we can’t see what more we can give!

WARNING: Beware of some claims companies asking for an up- front fee, or firms that say no fee is payable (they will have to take your claim to court to claim back fees, and court cases can involve significant up front fees with no guarantee of success). Our method of claiming is more straightforward and involves no initial cost to you.