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Our Fee is simple:

We operate on a strict No-Win-No-Fee basis. There are no up-front fees to pay.

We charge you a percentage of any refund we win as a result of the PPI claim.

The rate we charge is 17.5% + VAT.

Example: 17.5% + VAT = 21% of the amount awarded (So a refund of £2000 would mean a fee of £420, leaving you with £1,580).

Each claim is considered separately, so if you have several accounts with refunds due, the applicable fee will depend on the compensation for each separate account rather than all claims being added together.

This compares very favourably against most claims firms that charge 25% + VAT (30%).

If we don't win you anything, there is nothing to pay us.

We are up front and honest.

This charge covers the whole range of services and expertise.

Normally, any compensation is paid directly to you, so we will invoice you rather than our fee being automatically deducted from any compensation. Please bear this in mind before spending it, or using it to repay debts!

We will recommend whether or not you should accept any offer. If you agree to any offer, you agree to pay our invoice within 14 days of the money being credited to your account/policy.

In a few cases the refund may not be paid as a cash lump sum (e.g. where it is used to reduce arrears or any outstanding debt on a credit card or loan). If you are concerned about this, please let us know and we will assess whether it is likely to be paid directly to you. We can offer to guarantee not to charge you if it is used to reduce the loan (or we can set up our fee to be paid by monthly instalments), but you will need to contact us about this and obtain our prior written agreement.